Community of Christian Churches in Africa (C.C.C.A), serving in Rwanda as Christian Ministry , started in Rwanda by God’s vision and by prayers in 1989 and has been officially recognized by Rwanda Government under Justice Ministry decree No 213/05 on June 29th ,1992 and recognized again by New Law  by decree No 015/17 of 21st  November 2001 and the No 083/11 of 4th August 2003 in Official Gazette of Republic of Rwanda in year 42 No special on 22nd December 2003.

Its objectives are summarized as below:
-To spread the gospel of Jesus Christ country wide.
-To plant and build Churches.
-To train Pastors, Evangelists and Disciple Youth and Women.
-To start Development projects such as construction of Schools, health centers, Bible Schools, literacy, agriculture, and Micro Projects for women youth and widows, orphans of HIV/AIDS and so on.
-Evangelism in the prisons using God’s word specially giving the Lessons of New Life School free correspondence school.

Bishop Enoch Bonaventure Dusingizimana

Presiding Bishop & Senior Pastor (General Secretary)

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Republic of Rwanda in 5 Provinces including Kigali city (Town) in 30 Districts ,and in East of Republic Democratic of Congo ,Burundi and Uganda , but the God’s vision for us is for all Africa  and the World .In Rwanda we have more than 43,700 Christian members ,149 Churches Planted with 252 Servants of God , who are working in neighboring countries of Rwanda , like Burundi we have 4 Uganda we have 17, RDC-Eastern we have 63, in these Countries we called INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY OF CHRISTIAN CHURCHES IN AFRICA (ICCCA) in French is COMMUNAUTE DES EGLISES CHRETIENNES INTERNATIONALE EN AFRIQUE (CECIA) .
Rwanda Country God’s Servants are in this leadership with 1 Presiding Bishop & Senior Pastor as General Secretary of the Ministry, with 20 Reverend Pastors, 46 Authorized Pastors, 101 Evangelists including all Directors of the Departments whom are not Pastors but good Servants of God as laic. And others are Pastors as the Heads of Departments in our Head office, then total we are 168 Servants of God.
We have also seven Schools operated as projects because the buildings are not ready yet, means two primary Schools  and five Secondary schools and one Bible school Project which has a Name: International Bible School of Cyegera  as a project of 2008-2010 (I.B.S.C.),in Huye District in South Province of Rwanda where we have Secondary School with a land of 8 hectares.
In Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools , we have about three thousand students (3000) mixed-up as boys and girls, 55 % are total orphans some by HIV/AIDS, wars and other diseases, we have also a Program of HIV/AIDS working in 24 groups of women’s associations and Youth in 5 Provinces including Kigali City as C.E.C.A  field of evangelism and social activities  ,I have a vision in future to have an University which will have a Name of International Christian University (I.C.U).
This will be a project of 2010-2020 by God’s provisions in a way of finances blessing to our Church Ministry ‘’ Community of Christian Churches in Africa’’ CECA.


Community of Christian Churches in Africa (C.C.C.A) is full member of Alliance Evangelicals in Rwanda (A.E.R) ,Member Body of Baptist World Alliance (B.W.A)  and Para-Churches Christians Organizations .Also we C.E.C.A. are working together with International Ministries ,which is, International World Ministries & Evidence of Faith World Evangelism for New Life Schools free correspondence as God’s Scriptures lessons to the Prisoners and to the New converts from different denominations in Great Lakes Countries(Burundi, Rwanda ,R.D.C) , we are in Missionary Partnership with World Orphans in USA since June 2008, and the Ministry it’s Committed to rescuing the Orphaned and abandoned Children  into our Churches in South Province of  Rwanda and so on .

We are working in Unity ,in love and harmony with body of Christ in Rwanda , in Africa and around the World and other Friends Organizations and Sisters Churches and Ministries at National and International Level where we wait for new Missionary Partnership with us for building the Kingdom of God together in this harvest Ministry.

The newest member body of the Baptist World Alliance (BWA), the Community of Christian Churches in Africa (CCCA), has experienced significant growth over a 12 month period.
Thirty four new churches were planted in Rwanda, increasing the total number of Rwandan churches in CCCA from 115 in July 2007 to 149 in July 2008. There was an increase of 13,000 CCCA members in Rwanda over the period, moving from 30,015 to 43,700 members.
CCCA was received as a BWA member body in July 2007 during the BWA General Council meeting in Accra, Ghana, and includes churches in Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, and in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Christian College of Muvumba, one of five CECA high
schools, which received emergency assistance from
BWAid for roof construction.

The reports of significant growth in Rwanda were made at a meeting of CCCA’s Executive Board of Directors held in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, in July. The meeting did not report on growth in the other countries, but noted that there are 63 CECA churches in eastern DRC, 17 churches in Uganda, and four in Burundi.
CCCA, which has its headquarters in Kigali, has approximately 3,000 students enrolled in five high schools, two primary schools and 28 kindergarten schools in Rwanda. It also operates a Bible school as well as 54 basic literacy centers in local churches in the country, which was devastated by genocide in 1994 in which approximately 800,000 Rwandans died. Roughly 55 percent of CECA’s students were orphaned by war and HIV/AIDS.
The church body has 24 women’s and youth groups working in an HIV/AIDS program in five provinces in Rwanda.
Baptist World Aid, the relief and development arm of the BWA, gave US$15,000 in emergency assistance to CECA in July. The funds were used to construct roofs for six classrooms for the Christian College of Muvumba, one of the five CCCA high schools in Rwanda, that enabled the school to meet government deadlines and regulations.
CECA began in Rwanda in 1989 and received official recognition from the Rwanda government in 1992. Presiding Bishop, Senior Pastor, and General Secretary, Enoch B. Dusingizimana, is a member of the General Council of the BWA


Evangelism and Missions Outreach ,Discipleship, Church planting, Leadership development training ,Theological Education by Extension, Women and Youth evangelism, Promotion of Education in all levels, Children Care Ministry , HIV/AID Program and Community Development, Preaching love,  Peace,  Tolerance,  Healing , Harmony ,Unity and reconciliation based on holy Bible.


Church offerings, Church activities like schools contribution, supports Projects, Gifts and others Donations.